Tuesday, June 25, 2013

More vitamin D

Three weeks ago, I wrote about the blood test which I did to determine my Vitamin D level. At the time, there was no result, but now I see that the result is available on the clinic's website: 49.8 nmol/L. As I wrote before, the Israeli Ministry of Health considers anything below 75 nmol/L to be deficient, whereas the guru, Dr Stasha Gominak, considers levels below 60 nmol/L to be deficient. So it looks like by any standards that I'm somewhat deficient in vitamin D. I shall book an appointment for the doctor.

More on the health front: I was supposed to give blood today. I wasn't sure whether I would be allowed because of the various drugs which I now take, because of the BCC operation from a few months ago or because of the acupuncture treatment which I had earlier today. According to the notice that we received regarding the donations, one was not supposed to take medication for blood pressure on the day of the donation. As a result, my blood pressure was too high and I was denied the opportunity to donate blood. 

I asked the paramedics about this notice and they said that they never tell people not to take their medication. I wonder where the clinic got this idea from. It is always being said that there is a lack of blood for transfusions, but the paramedics go out of their way to prevent people from donating. I feel disappointed.

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