Thursday, December 07, 2006

Where have I been?

The last few weeks seem to have gone by very fast, but they also have been very intensive. All sorts of personal problems which I don't want to discuss here have occupied my time.

My father has just spent one week in hospital, and for someone who has always been healthy (he is 84), this comes as quite a surprise and quite a blow. As the diagnosis is not clear, everyone has been telling me stories about people going to doctors and not being diagnosed correctly. These days, so much depends on blood tests; it makes me wonder who devises these tests (how do they know what to test for, how do they actually perform the test, what do they mean) and how we managed say 20 years ago when there weren't such sophisticated tests.

I am trying to do an arrangement for an old song. I originally sequenced it in 1999 and sounded very good (in what I call a 'pointillist' style), but the transfer to Reason has changed everything. I get the feeling that by the time I finish, there will be only 25% of the original notes left; I've changed parts, thrown out a great deal and tried to make something new. At the moment, I am lucky if I can devote an hour a day to this - fortunately there is no rush.