Thursday, June 06, 2013

Barcelona log (1): Have a nice day

After a fairly boring flight westwards over Santorini, Greece and Italy, we arrived in Barcelona at around 2pm. After sorting a few things out in the hotel, we had a late lunch then set off for the aquarium. We've been to quite a few aquariums over Europe but I think that this was the best. One thing which we weren't expecting was to see several penguins strolling around in their area.

Travelling on the Barcelona metro is almost the same as the London Underground, although of course one has to pay more attention to the signs in order to understand them.

Next to our hotel I spotted the sign on the left: Have a nice day - BCC. Now, that abbreviation can mean different things to different people. I imagine that most people are familiar with the term bcc in connection with email, although I also imagine that fewer know that it is an acronym for 'blind carbon copy' (who remembers what a carbon copy is, these days?). To fewer people, but especially myself, BCC is an acronym for Basal Cell Carcinoma, the kind of skin cancer from which I suffer.

Today I learnt a new meaning - Barcelona College of Chiropractic. Have a nice day.

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