Friday, June 14, 2013

Edinburgh log (1): Touring the city

We left London this morning and flew to Edinburgh, arriving at our guest house at around 1:30pm. After getting settled in, we walked to the nearest main road (Leith Walk) and had a late lunch in a Moroccan restaurant (!). We asked for a few felafel balls to see whether we should order them but decided against.

After lunch, we took a bus into the main part of Edinburgh (Waverley Station) then boarded one of those round-Edinburgh open top buses. The route seemed a bit strange but we saw everything that we wanted to see, albeit from a distance. Tomorrow, we'll probably do the same but will get off the bus here and there to explore further. 

We finished the ride just before 6pm, only to discover that all the shops close at this hour. So we backtracked a little, found a suitable bus stop then rode 'home'.

Once I got connected to the Internet, I discovered that I had been sent a letter from the local tour operator. We had booked a tour to the Lake District for Sunday, but unfortunately we were the only participants and so the tour has been cancelled. We were offered a trip to Loch Ness, Glen Coe and the Highlands: we actually took a similar tour when we were last in Scotland thirteen years ago.

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