Wednesday, June 12, 2013

London log (2): The Eye and shopping

Yesterday evening, we walked along the South Bank and even rode the London Eye: we started our ride at about 8:30pm, making us among the last to ride the Eye that night (the ride takes just under half an hour and it closes at 9pm). 

This morning, we started off with shopping along Oxford Street: my wife found some good clothes in a shop and I bought a jacket and some other items in BHS. We returned to our b'n'b with our shopping so that we wouldn't have to carry it around all day, had lunch then traveled to Sloane Square in order to visit the Chelsea Antiques Market which is supposedly on the King's Road. Unfortunately, after walking along a fair amount of this road and even passing the street number of the market, we discovered that it no longer physically exists, although its website lives on. 

We took a taxi back to Sloane Square (barely more expensive than the equivalent bus ride) then traveled to Covent Garden in order to see the street theatre and buy knicknacks. During our time there, it began to rain - typical London mist rain at first which increased in intensity. I got quite wet in the five minutes it took to walk from the local tube station to the b'n'b.

Would you buy a used car from this man? Or take advice about your ERP installation? There were plenty of t-shirts for sale in the stalls with all manner of slogans. I was sorely tempted to buy a shirt with the following slogan, which I am also tempted to add to the description of this blog:

Sarcasm is only one of the services that I offer.

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