Monday, June 17, 2013

Edinburgh log (4): Loch Ness

As I wrote earlier, we had planned a trip to the Lake District, but we were the only people who signed up for this trip. Instead, we went on a trip to Loch Ness. We have, in fact, done this trip before: thirteen years ago, when we were in Glasgow for a week. The route is not too convenient from Edinburgh, as first we have to cross from the east coast to the west, then back again.

Although the Edinburgh sky was cloudy at 8am, by the time of our first stop at Kilmahog, an hour and a half later, the sun was shining. This is where we visited Hamish the Highland Cow. From here, we entered the Trossachs (but not Loch Lomond), driving through Glen Coe, thence to Fort William (without stopping) before arriving at Spean Bridge for lunch.

Then we carried on to Loch Ness and even went for a short sail on the Loch (we didn't do this last time). Unfortunately, our mobile devices were clocking off one after another (due to lack of charge) so this part didn't get recorded well. We left the Loch just after 4pm in lovely sunshine.

From here, we drove to Inverness, riding around the town but not stopping, thence to the Perth area where we had a brief 'comfort stop'. I was walking around the parking lot at 7pm, marveling at the warm weather. There's nothing like a good Scottish evening, I was telling myself.

I read the Rebus novel 'Set in Darkness' all the way back to Edinburgh, thinking to myself all the time, "oh, I know where that is", "I was in the Royal Oak pub in Infirmary St yesterday", etc. We even went past the Torpichen Police station, which is mentioned in at least one book. I admit to not having paid too much attention to the place names before because they were out of context. Now I have a context. 

This is my 600th blog. I remember noting my 500th last July when I was flat out with pertussis. Now too is not a good time for remembrance. On average, then, I'm writing nine blogs a month or just over two a week. Obviously, there are times when I write more (like now) and times when I write less (I imagine that I'll have little to write about next week).

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