Saturday, June 15, 2019

Swimming debut

I made my first appearance this year at the kibbutz swimming pool: it's been open since 1 June, but I haven't had a chance to get there yet.

My general level of fitness allowed me to swim sixteen lengths without too much bother. I could have carried on but I don't want to overdo it at first. The only problem which I had was that my left forearm started hurting after a few lengths, but even this pain went away as I continued. It's not surprising that the forearm hurts as it doesn't get much exercise - as opposed to my legs. 

Whilst sixteen lengths may not seem that much, last year I think that I started with only six lengths, then increased this by four every week. Of course, last year saw the debut of my swimming mp3 player which at least removes the boredom of long swims. I charged the player yesterday and took it with me today: at first, I barely heard anything through the right ear, but towards the end of my swim, something in the ear cleared and I could hear the songs properly.

Monday, June 10, 2019

New picture for harvest festival orchestra

This is a much better picture in terms of a photograph, but it seems that it was taken at an inappropriate moment when several musicians aren't playing.

The clarinetist strained his leg a few days before the performance which is why he has that huge bandage on his leg.

Left to right:
first row: recorders, oboe, clarinet, oud
second row: alto saxophone, trumpet, trombone, guitar
third row: piano, bass
fourth row: drums

I didn't mention this before, but one of the songs was described as 'country rock' which required me to improvise an eight bar guitar solo in the third verse. I tried out a few ideas in the rehearsals so that I had no problems in the final performance.