Thursday, October 18, 2018

Conditional choose-field trigger (2)

Almost exactly one year ago, I wrote a convoluted blog entry about choose-field triggers in Priority. It might be that I was wasting my time as there is a documented solution for what I was trying to achieve. From chapter 5 of the Priority SDK:

You can also write a specific CHOOSE-FIELD or SEARCH-FIELD for the procedure. Your trigger can contain references to any input value specified by the user within the same [emphasis mine] procedure step. For instance, if the procedure step contains an input parameter called CST, its value will be stored in the :PROGPAR.CST variable. This is useful, for example, if a given procedure step contains an input column for a Sales Rep and another input column for a Customer, and you want the Choose list for the latter column to display only those customers that are associated with the specified sales rep.

I emphasize the word 'same'. Looking again at the code which I presented in the blog from last year, the 'input value specified by the user' comes from a previous step in the procedure and not the same step. 

Friday, October 05, 2018

Geoff Emerick, 1945-2018

I have just learned that Geoff Emerick, who was the recording engineer for the Beatles from 'Revolver' onwards died a few days ago aged 72 from a heart attack.

His book, "Here, there and everywhere", should be compulsory reading for all Beatles fans and also for all people interested in how records were made in the analog days. It should be noted that this book is controversial "for its allegedly unfavourable portrayal of Harrison,bias towards McCartney, and belittling and dismissal of Harrison and Starr's contributions" as well as "the most negative depiction of Martin as a record producer" (quotes from Geoff's wiki page).