Saturday, June 01, 2013

Robert Fripp likes Joni Mitchell

Leafing through Fripp's online diary for 14 April 2013,  I was very surprised to come across the following passage

While driving, listening to favourite music from early professional years in London, including Joni Mitchell’s Blue. Hearing this at the time, I thought: I have nothing to say after this. If Blue helped me through the hard times of 1971, Judy Collins’ Wildflowers (recommended by Judy Dyble) helped me through the awfulness of 93a, Brondesbury Road and GG&F (1967-68); and Who Knows Where The Time Goes through the heartbreak and subsequent horrors of the KC breakup in December 1969. These, with other music-friends, at a time when Music was giving itself away for nothing much more than the price of an ear.

Let us not forget that 'Michael from mountains', one of the songs on Joni's earliest records, was a tune tried out (but discarded) by the nascent King Crimson. Judy Dyble, being an original Fairporter, would of course have been au fait with Joni - she sings "I don't know where I stand"  and "Chelsea Morning" on the first Fairport album, and recordings of the time include "Marcie" and "Both sides, now".

Yesterday I listened to the mind blowing duo of 'Hissing of summer lawns' and 'Hejira' for the first time in many months.

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