Wednesday, August 02, 2017

Theanine again

I have written a few times about the food supplement theanine. What I apparently have not mentioned is that I have been buying it from the online shop iHerb, along with stinging nettle tea, mint chocolate and peanut butter. Normally this shop supplies orders very quickly, but my last order - from the end of May - went missing. After waiting and waiting and waiting, I eventually got in contact with the shop and told them about the non-delivery; they credited me with the cost. Of course, a week later, the small parcel turned up! In the interim, I have bought stinging nettle tea from the local health shop (who didn't stock it for several months) and so don't feel any burning need to order anything from iHerb.

I have run out of theanine and have yet to re-order; I have been wondering for some time whether I would feel any effects of not taking this supplement. Based on my experiences of the past few days, theanine definitely makes a difference. I wrote ten months ago I've noticed that during my morning walk with the dog, I have lost the feeling of despondency which used to accompany me - this is the anti-anxiety aspect of theanine working. I wouldn't describe my current feeling as despondent, but I have definitely been feeling stressed out in the past few days and under a great deal of pressure. Little things - like the wording of some people's emails - are enough to annoy me, with that feeling persisting for several hours.

So it would seem that I definitely need theanine! 

I wonder whether I should increase the daily intake from 150mg to 200mg. The picture above shows what I have been buying until now; this has a good balance between price per capsule and number of capsules (the fewer the capsules, the more frequently I have to order thus paying more shipping costs). All of the other options show only 60 capsules per bottle, which means ordering once every two months.  I think I will 'splash out' and buy a bottle with 120 capsules, each containing 200mg - then I won't have to order for four months. This would definitely be cheaper than buying two bottles of 60 capsules of 200mg. I may be concerned about my health but I'm also concerned about my pocket.

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