Thursday, August 10, 2017

Friend leaving work

I have always felt ambivalent about someone leaving 'the framework' - if it was the youth movement, the kibbutz or the company. Obviously, there have been many cases of people leaving which have not had any effect on me, and some cases where I have been pleased that the person has left, but there have been those cases where someone close to me has left.

A colleague - and one of my few personal friends at work - is leaving today, after 11 years. We have worked together closely during most of those years and I would like to think that we advanced the company a great deal. We complemented each other's talents and that synergy is what fueled the advances.

Naturally, I am ambivalent about his leaving: on the one hand, I understand that he has to do what is the correct thing for him (i.e. he has to put himself first). On the other hand, I fear that those who will replace him lack the knowledge and foresight to truly replace him, and so I don't want him to go. Obviously I wish him luck.

I don't know how I will feel in a month's time (or more): I suspect that there will be a lack of technical advance, which will be a shame, but is not particularly my problem. I also suspect that there will be a weakening of my ties to the company.

The new package of Theanine arrived yesterday; as I expected, I had very vivid dreams during the night, and today I've been yawning all the time (although this may also be due to a lack of general activity). Coincidentally or not, I was dreaming about going to Fairport's Cropredy Festival, which happens to start today. I have to admit that that most of the dream was quite different from the reality, although the general theme of the dream was about the festival. A real coincidence is that the music accompanying my morning walk came from The Albion Band's "Battle of the field" album, on which play three Fairporters. Not a total coincidence, but close enough.

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