Friday, September 21, 2018

Vinyl log #30 - 21 September

21September1978Sandy DennyThe original
21September1978Peter HammillThe future now

There's a great deal of symbolism going on here: one record collects together the earliest recordings made by an artist who had recently died, whereas the other looks towards the future by an artist who is still with us in 2018.

These are the last records which I purchased in Britain, during the final weekend which I spent in London. I have a vague recollection of buying these in a record shop 'in town', although I don't remember why I was there. I probably had a few hours to kill before attending the party for the new emigrants.

I had attended several of these parties previously, the first being in 1972, but this was my last, and obviously I was one of those being honoured instead of doing the honouring. I have basically no recollection of the party itself, although I sense that the 'show' wasn't very good and didn't match the level of the previous extravanganzae in which I had participated.

I managed to slip these two records into one of my boxes before it was loaded into our container. As there was no record player available, I didn't get a chance to listen to these records until several months later when our container finally arrived and I could extract my record player. Between the two records, there is only one song worth remembering - Peter's "If I could".

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