Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Vinyl log #29 - 18 September

17September1977City BoyYoung men gone west

I spent several hours yesterday looking for the vinyl log blog which mentions the first time that I heard Martin Allcock, and in doing so, I remembered that there were a few months not covered in the series. So I have decided to resurrect the idea and write about records which I bought in the last four months of the year.
I ended vinyl log #16 from 24 June with the words "[I] would buy the next [record of City Boy] on the day of its release". It was a fine September Saturday morning when I walked down to Our Price records in Golders Green and bought the third City Boy record on the day of its release. I listened to it as much as I could that day, but my attention was tied up with something different - rehearsals for the Belstaff Bouncers record. Apparently we also went in the morning to the West End in order to buy a bass guitar.

I found this record much more enjoyable than its predecessor, being more musical and less influenced by guitar rock. I tried to bring its influence into our recording, although how exactly that worked eludes me now. Maybe I was looking for something more fluid, but I can't hear that at all.

There would be more City Boy records in the future.

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