Saturday, April 21, 2018

Sandy Denny: 40 years gone

Today we mark the 40th anniversary of the death of Sandy Denny.

I wrote at length on this topic five years ago.

I had some difficulty in finding a suitable photograph to display here. Whilst there are at least a hundred pictures of Sandy to be found on the Internet, a large proportion of these come from the session run by David Bailey for the 'Sandy' album (1972); here Sandy might have been beautiful, but she was also heavily made up. There are pictures from most of the stages of her career, but somehow none seem too suitable. Possibly the best ones are spoiled by her holding a cigarette. The pictures for 'The North Star Grassman' (1971) are good but she had a strange hairstyle which I don't like: the fringe above her eyes was cut too short and too straight. I don't know where the above picture comes from but it looks as if it was taken in 1970 or 1971: the fringe is evident but it looks more natural here. One should remember that Sandy was originally a folk singer and not a model! After no small amount of research, I have discovered that this photograph was taken by Charles Strijd (Holland) in 1972, and can be seen here.

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Stan says... said...

40 years!? As Sandy herself once sang - Who knows where the time goes?