Sunday, May 13, 2018

Even more on Delphi 7/Hebrew/Win10

The computers in the Occupational Psychologist's lab all run Windows XP (the psychologists themselves have modern computers running Windows 7 or 10); these are old computers which we collected from several sources. They are sufficient for our needs, as the programs running on these computers - the exams - have modest requirements. Lately we have had hardware problems with some of these computers, leading us to the conclusion that they will have to be replaced. We received a bunch of refurbished computers, all of which run Windows 10.

Five months ago, I wrote about my experiences in converting a program written in Delphi 7 to run properly in Windows 10, when the program's interface is written in Hebrew. These experiences were in my mind when I came to check which programs would run as is, and which would require updating. To my surprise and great relief, all of the programs (both exams and administrative programs) work properly without change on all of these 'new' computers, as well as on a really new computer. 

It would seem that setting the default locale of the computers to Israel is the key factor. I alluded to this in my original blog on the topic, but then my program set the locale whilst running. These computers have their default locale set, thus obviating any need for the programs themselves to do this. It would thus seem that the computer which was donated to the library was the odd man out instead of being the default.

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