Sunday, March 01, 2015

Last of the Luddites (2)

Today I was dragged screaming into the 2010s (does the decade have a name, such as the oneties?) when I was moved from the old Office interface, which I have been using since 1998, to the new Office ribbon. I have already seen this many times with the occupational psychologist and it is hate at first sight.

The most important thing for me was to import all the various pst files which I have scattered around. At first, I couldn't find the most recent but fortunately I eventually found it; this has all the letters and calendar events from at least the last six months and without it I would have been sunk.

After playing around a bit and googling for various commands, I think that Outlook is set up in a reasonable manner. My signatures didn't survive the transfer so I've had to rebuild them. On the other hand, all of the rules which I use to filter my email did get transferred - but they don't seem to work. I have to update them all to use the exchange mailbox instead of a pst file.

I painfully figured out how to display the menu permanently in Internet Explorer 11.

My next step will be to set up Word and Excel properly; there are a few commands, such as 'send as attachment by email' which I frequently need. I know that the OP has these as extra icons on her screen so I should be able to do the same. The functionality "under the hood" hasn't changed very much; it's only the way the menus are set up that has changed dramatically. Of course, this change is going to impact my productivity at first.

It didn't help that the change-over occurred on the first of the month. This is when I create/update two large documents with several quality measurements. Word (2003) started off ok, then it went mad, then it was ok, then it went mad. So I put in a call for service and the upgrade was the result.

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