Tuesday, March 31, 2015

New mobile computer

After about a year and a half with the slimline Dell laptop computer, yesterday it was replaced by one from Toshiba; I think that the model is Z301. It has a touch screen although I doubt that I will make much use of that functionality.

The great advantage of this computer over the previous one is that I now have 3 USB sockets, a network cable socket and a screen adaptor socket. Previously I had only two USB sockets; the screen cable would connect via a special connector, but the network cable would connect via a USB interface, thus reducing the computer to one free socket - which was almost always taken up by the mouse.

Almost all of the software has been transferred without problem, although this isn't saying much as I have only the minimum installed. No Word or Excel, but there is Outlook, which I will later define to use my home email. Dropbox has been setup successfully but not Skype.

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