Friday, August 08, 2014

Twenty five years ago

Twenty five years ago (summer of 1989), I wrote the following to a friend:  "This would be a good time to try and sum up the past year, from my 32nd birthday till my 33rd; this year was probably the worst of my adult life. On an automatic level, I functioned very well, but on a more personal level, it seems that I was totally cut off, living in my own world. I feel that I was forced into this situation and that my behaviour was a reaction to what was happening around me. It was a year of alienation from what was supposed to be my home, alienation from those surrounding me; it ended by finding a new home and hopefully a new life."

In late July 1989, we left Kibbutz Mishmar David, spent a month in Bournemouth on holiday,  then returned to MD only long enough to pack our belongings before moving to Kibbutz Tzora.

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