Thursday, February 14, 2013

Another evening (2)

I spent another evening working on the song 'Another Evening', about which I originally wrote a few weeks ago. The completed version was beginning to sound too strident to me whereas I wanted something softer. After playing around a bit, I realised that I needed the vibes to start at the beginning of the song (as opposed to entering in the second verse), whereas the chordal pad needed to enter at the second verse (instead of starting the song) and also needed to be lower in volume. 

After some experimentation for the instrumental verse - at one stage, I tried a string quartet - I eventually went for a two voice choral section. Unlike the pad, there is actually some movement in the parts (for example, if the bar's chord is C, then one voice will sing C (crotchet), D (crotchet), E (minim), whereas the second voice will sing (to the same rhythm) EFG: simple harmonies, but effective. The trumpet which featured in the original was swapped for a tremolo'd electric guitar, which also helped make the entire song softer. The drumming was also changed.

I probably fiddled around with my vocal track, also trying to make it softer (this specifically means reducing the treble boost which I had added).

The current version of the song can be found here.

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