Saturday, September 30, 2017

Relaxing foliage

I spent most of Yom Kippur morning on our balcony, surrounded by foliage. My mind had been empty for quite some time (I had done all the mea culpa stuff the evening before); hearing birds reminded me of a very long instrumental which I had once created called 'Soft'. A bit later, I drifted into thinking that I could create a video which would accompany this piece of music. I had been listening the day before to a very long piece of 'relaxing saxophone music' but had not seen the video; I imagine that it was very basic if there were any moving pictures at all. So I realised that shots of the various trees surrounding our balcony would make good accompaniment for the music. If I were lucky, I would film some birds as well.

Of course, as soon as I started filming, all the birds disappeared, but watching the footage later, I spotted a bird in the background. Later on, I saw a bird on one of the outer branches of one of the trees, so I filmed it until the bird flew away.

Putting the clips together to make a film was much easier than my previous attempt, as of course I had no singing to synchronise. Still, I had to go through every clip, checking that it was ok - I had to cut a couple of sections out of two clips as these showed sights which I didn't want to include. Then I had to trim everything so that the film ends with the bird flying away - as the music ends. I discovered that there is a 'slow motion' effect which I applied to the final seconds, but it isn't slow enough.

The film can be seen here.

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