Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Hot summer

I see that I have barely written anything here all month. This is primarily because I have been travelling two or three days a week (for example, yesterday I left the house at 5:30am and returned at about 9pm), and on the days when I haven't been travelling, it's been too hot to really do anything. 

This has meant that I have had to be very strict with myself regarding down time, and in the little time that has been left, I have been concentrating on working on the literature review for my thesis, specifically on the subject of 'alignment'. Every time that I thought that I had nearly finished, I found another paper which had to be read and discussed, and then another paper.... Now I think that I have almost finished: I have to write - or at least, improve - the 'synthesis' part, which is my discussion of the papers, what faults they may have (one had a huge mistake in an example) and how the papers fit together.

From there, I will have to rewrite the methodology chapter, which for me is very hard. In all the theses which I have read, this portion seems to be a regurgitation of textbooks with very little personal input. My supervisor writes that I have to explain why I make the choices that I do as opposed to how I intend to collect the data (the how is important, but less important than the why).

And as for myself: I have been working on and off on a new song; the music for the verses is complete and arranged, but I am not sure about the 'middle bit'. The song has a title ('Say what you will') which should help the lyrics, which at the moment I intend that they be about myself complaining about all sorts of things when in fact my situation is much better than many people. For example, my health bothers me (although my immune system seems to have improved immensely since I started taking theanine) but it's nothing compared to what other people have.

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