Thursday, February 01, 2018

Travelling to Karmiel with my new headphones

As my grand-daughter would say, "Wow!". It would appear that these noise cancelling headphones are worth every penny which I spent on them. Ambient noise was reduced to almost nothing, allowing me to hear music at a very low level and not 'encourage' the high pitched white noise which I seem to hear all the time (aka tinnitus).

The noise cancellation was less good in the open air (specifically at the Tel Aviv University train station): there was definite muffling of noise, but it was still present. I used to turn off my headphones when at the station as the noise level was far too high; yesterday I could still listen to music despite the noise.

My only gripes are the cable connecting the headphones to the mp3 player (the cable itself is a story in itself: I tried two cables at home, neither of which worked well, before trying the cable which came with the headphones) and the mp3 player itself. Once upon a time, it used to remember what song was playing when it was turned off; it would resume in the same place when turned on again. Now it starts from the beginning every time. Maybe resetting the device will cure this problem. [Edited 02/02/18: Downloading and uploading the firmware fixed this problem]

I spent several hours on the train reading Tom Clancy's "Sum of all fears", a book which I seem to have never read before. This one goes on and on and on, although the amount of editorial writing seems less than in others by the same author. I think that I'm about half-way through the book but I'm not enjoying it very much.

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