Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Exchanging warning and error messages in Priority

A strange situation cropped up yesterday afternoon: someone was trying to do something in a certain screen and the action resulted in an error message, thus preventing the user from continuing. When I tried the same action, I received only a warning message and was able to proceed. The difference between the two is that a warning message has two buttons - 'cancel' and 'ok' - whereas an error message has only the 'ok' button.

I tried tracing the error this morning: eventually I found the error message, but I couldn't figure out why two users had differing responses. I couldn't find any flag in the 'users' table which might explain the difference.

After opening a service request, I discovered something new (or maybe something which I once knew and then forgot): it is possible to exchange warning and error messages. In order to do this, one had to open the 'Privilege Explorer' and navigate to the required screen. Once there, one presses the right hand button on the mouse and a context menu pops up; there is an option which I've never used called 'Form Warning Messages'. This option displays all the warning/error messages defined within the given screen. Double clicking on a message enables the administrator to change the status of the message.

It transpires that the specific message had been upgraded from a warning message to an error message for this user (and quite possibly, correctly so for the error was concerned with the creation of negative inventory). It was a simple matter to change this.

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