Monday, July 31, 2017

Mobile CPAP

This is more of a memo to myself for future reference rather than recording an experience.

I saw today in the paper an advert for a mobile CPAP machine. It's strange that I even noticed this as normally I skip over all the adverts without looking at them. The machine is a Transcend EZEX miniCPAP™ machine, which apparently is only slightly larger than a soft drink can. In America, one can purchase it for $480, whereas in Israel it would cost 4900 NIS - a ridiculous rate of exchange! On the other hand, medical insurance would pay 75% of the cost, meaning that I would have to pay 1225 NIS, which is about $300. 

This machine is meant for people who travel around and don't have access to electricity (it can run either from the mains or from an internal battery). I don't go on camping trips so this is not an advantage for me. The only reason that I can think of for buying this machine is that I don't have to take my heavy and bulky machine with me when I go on holiday. If I were to fly low-cost to Naples for a weekend in Sorrento (EasyJet are now adding such flights) or even to Edinburgh, then I wouldn't have to sacrifice space and weight for the machine - I could just pop this in my pocket. Of course, the hose is still the same size.

Reviews are mixed. It would be good as a spare machine if I traveled more. At the moment, this doesn't sound like a good argument. Also, medical insurance would only pay for one machine and I don't think that I would want this as my sole support of night time breathing.

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