Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Guitar corner

We've seen this corner of the music room before, but that was before the 12 string guitar was hung on the wall. Left to right  are the Ovation Applause, Washburn HB-25 and Fender 12-string. Actually there is a fourth guitar in this picture: below the Ovation is a picture of me playing my first good guitar (bought in Cardiff, 1973). Judging by the length and colour of my hair, this picture was taken in the early 1990s, but I can't be sure.

The piece of wood attached to the wall underneath the 12 string is a fold-up shelf on which can be placed my laptop computer: ideal for recording.

I have noticed that several photos which I have taken with my mobile phone indoors have strange colouring; this picture originally wasn't too bad (the white wall came out bluish), but one picture which I took in Rodos seemed entirely black. I use a comparatively simple program called IrfanView as a picture editor: this has a function called 'auto adjust colors' which radically improves these pictures. I don't know on what basis the colours are adjusted, but the final results are very good and are much closer to what the eye sees in the original scene.

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