Tuesday, June 06, 2017

Rodos log 1

As of yesterday, we are on holiday in the large Greek island of Rodos (Rhodes) for a week.

Yesterday, we got up at 3am in order to be ready for our 7:25am flight with Arkia (a daughter firm of El Al which handles short flights, both internal and external). Everything pre-flight went smoothly, and the flight itself was short: we were in Rodos by about 9am. We were met at the airport by our 'landlady' - we are staying in a small flat in the northern part of the city, a few minutes walk from the sea, the harbour and the old city.

The flat itself is smaller than I thought it would be (isn't that always the case!), but it does come with a small kitchenette and a very large outdoor space, which is not a balcony but rather the roof over the flat on the lower floor. We are right at the top of the 5 storey building, with access via a lift to the fourth floor.
After a quick trip to a store to get some supplies (I misunderstood the directions given by the landlady and ended up in a shop with a very poor selection of food items), we laid down for a rest as we were both tired and it was very hot outside. Later, we went for a short walk around the neighbourhood, found the mini-market where I should have bought supplies, ate a very tasty (and very expensive, relative to our budget) sea bass, found a touristy pedestrian only street with some interesting shops, and finally a good supermarket (this is at the end of Mandilara street). We bought needed items then returned home.

When the heat cooled a little, I showered then went to sit on our 'balcony', reading and listening to music. After this, we went back out on the streets, turning right to the harbour district. We walked around this area for a bit, going out on the "long wave braker at Mandraki harbour" which stretches to the windmills and fortress, before returning home.

Everything is very close: walking at my natural speed would take me all of five minutes to get to the harbour on one side, and to the beaches on the other side of Rodos.

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