Thursday, March 30, 2017

Mint chocolate

Considering my enthusiasm for mint chocolate, I'm slightly surprised at myself for not recording the fact that I've found a type of chocolate which is 90% of what I want. It's not as good as the unobtainable Italian chocolate, but it is accessible and certainly tasty (I would like a little more mint)! As opposed to one type which I tried, which had 75% cocoa, this has 60%, which is just right.

I buy it from IHerb, where it costs about $3 per bar; I order four or five bars a month to save on shipping. I find that I can go a week without any chocolate then finish a bar in a day.

There are several months in the year when the chocolate is not shipped, in order to preserve its quality. My intention is to stockpile a certain amount so that I won't have to undergo withdrawal during the summer.

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