Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Biscotti again

I baked the first batch of biscotti at about 4pm on Friday afternoon; they had all gone by 8pm on Saturday night. I had to wait for my wife to buy more flour and almonds before I could make a second batch on Monday evening. Whilst I used approximately the same ingredients as before, I also made a few minor changes. 

  • My wife bough almond slices whereas I had used small almond chunks which were more akin to flour; this probably affected the dough negatively.
  • I added a fair dollop of blackcurrant jam this time - I had bought a new jar so it was easy to remove a generous spoonful.
  • I added a little orange juice to make the dough more smooth and pliant.
As a result of the above, the dough was less thick and easier to mix. I spread it out on the baking tray as a very large 'log' - I was aiming for a lower height than previously, which help the dough cook more evenly. The baking technique was the same as before.

I think that the results from this batch are better than from the first; these really are tasty!

My daughter suggested that I use spelt flour instead of white flour; at first, I thought that Google Translate had made a mistake in its translation of the Hebrew name, but it transpires that there really is a type of grain called 'spelt'. This isn't an ingredient which we keep (although she does); yesterday, I was in Tel Aviv and next to our offices is a shop which stocks a very wide variety of ingredients and cooking utensils (they're also very expensive), so I bought a bag of this flour. Next time, I'll use half white flour and half spelt in order to see the result. 

At the rate at which the pieces are being eaten, the next batch will be baked on Friday again.


Anonymous said...

well Biscotti has little to do with Van der Graaf Generator but I landed on your interesting post comparing them to King Crimson. It was very accurate. I'm also a programmer who grew up on VDGG, I was very affected by them as it seems you were. I also play guitar and synthesizers. Holler some time! K.

No'am Newman said...

Thanks, Kurt. Unfortunately I can't see anyway of getting in contact with you, so add another comment with your email, and I'll ensure that it doesn't get published.