Saturday, April 30, 2016

Writing lyrics (2)

I followed my own advice from the last blog and wrote lyrics for the 'song with a completed arrangement' the other night. I knew that some of the lines weren't right, but I thought it best to complete the song with what might be dummy lines then replace them later. This evening I had a second session on writing the lyrics and replaced about 40%! Here they are (no hints as to what was and what is new)....

Out of the comfort zone

Stranded and all alone
I’m facing a vague unknown
A task without scope
A path without hope
I’m out of my comfort zone

Once I could fly in my dreams
Now sleep often turns to screams
I’m tired but can’t rest
I’ve lost all my zest
Far out of my comfort zone

People demand that I serve their every whim
Several times a day
Invent the impossible, foresee the unforeseen
Whilst keeping my demons at bay

I’m tasked with the strange, the bizarre
I’m hitched to a shooting star
That insists on solutions that I must provide
Requires concentration when problems collide
Removes me from my comfort zone 

[SO: 4152; 4, 20, 38
ELL: 843; 0, 1, 7
MPT: 627; 1, 3, 6]

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