Monday, April 04, 2016

Return to Sorrento (2016/1)

For various reasons, we decided to take a week's holiday at the beginning of April - not the usual touristy holiday time - and return to Sorrento. The idea is to have a rest and a good time - no day trips are planned!

So, after getting up at some unholy hour this morning, being driven to Ben Gurion airport, being flown to Rome and thence to Naples, and finally being driven (by a very nice driver) to Sorrento ... we haven't done very much except unpack and and eat lunch at the British Inn.

This time around, we're staying in the centre of Sorrento in Casa Sorrentino. With a big bedroom and a reasonably sized bathroom, we also have a small balcony overlooking Corso Italia, which is the main street. Walking down from our b'n'b to the English Inn, we remembered places from last time. As far as we can establish, we didn't normally walk as far as where we are now (which is one minute from Piazza Tasso).

The English Inn, home of fish and chips, poached egg on toast, etc

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