Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Programmers at work (2)

Following on from yesterday's post about the e-book "Programmers at work", here is one of the most prophetic passages which I have come across so far. It's in the interview with John Page, not someone of whom I was aware before reading the book.

INTERVIEWER: What kind of information do you think we'll have access to in the future?

PAGE: Let me give you an example of what could be available. Let's say you want to go some place in Europe for your vacation. You want good drinking water, a nice hotel on the beach with a lap pool, and hang gliding nearby. How on earth would you find out all those things? You might find the good hotel near a beach in travel brochures, but they probably don't mention the things that interest you most, like hang gliding and a lap pool. Unless you happen to see a photo, you have virtually no information on which to base your vacation decision. So you end up going back to the same vacation spot each year because you can't find a new place that's any better. There are many other examples and tons of information we don't have about almost every aspect of our lives.

Does that sound familiar? Could it be TripAdvisor or one of its clones?

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