Friday, April 08, 2016

Interlude: Preventing CB messages on mobile phones (2016/4A)

I have just discovered something about mobile phones which I would like to pass on. Both times that we have been in Sorrento, we have received almost hourly messages from something called 'CB', normally with the enlightening text "Naples". Those who I have asked did not know what these meant. Today I received more messages from the same source, only with the content "Salerno", which is close to Amalfi. Upon returning home, I decided to see whether the Internet could shine any light on these messages, preferably telling me how to prevent receiving them. This is what I found.....

CB stands for Cell Broadcast and it is a chance of your provider to send messages to a group of smartphones, which are logged in a specific cell tower. Most messages received via Cell Broadcast are marketing messages of your mobile operator.
To stop receiving CB messages, go to Messaging then tap the Menu key menu key  and select Settings. Find CB activation and Uncheck it.

Presumably some phones have this option automatically cancelled, but neither my phone nor my wife's phone  had this option unset. Obviously we don't get these messages in Israel otherwise we would have changed the setting a long time ago. At least now we have been 'immunised'.

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