Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Another misuse of Excel / preconceptions

I thought that I had seen everything, but today someone sent me a screen shot from Priority ... in Excel! Most people simply paste the screenshot into a 'new mail' screen in Outlook and send me the letter, something which annoys me greatly as that screenshot will stay in all the connected correspondence. I save the screenshot into Paint as a png file (which is automatically compressed) then attach the file to a letter.

But saving into Excel then sending the spreadsheet as an attachment? That's something new, counter-intuitive and so wrong. But it shows that this person thinks in terms of how he can do things in Excel and appears to be unaware of more suitable programs. Somewhat surprising as this is an engineer who works with AutoCad and SolidWorks much more than he works with Priority.

He is also what I sometimes refer to as a 'grey Russian': someone very set in his ways, with whom I have great difficulties in communication. It's not worth suggesting that in future he save screenshots in Paint.

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