Saturday, June 27, 2015

Vinyl log 16 - 24 June

24June1977City BoyDinner at the Ritz

On 19/6/77, Jeremy and I went to a concert at the Roundhouse; as I wrote three years ago ... in June 1977 I saw Caravan play, supported by an otherwise unknown group called City Boy. Actually, I had heard the name before: in 1975, I started reviewing lps for my university's newspaper and in the course of my duties received records and information packs about upcoming acts, including the above mentioned City Boy. Their information sheet must not have been too attractive as I elected not to ask for their record.

These days, the only thing that I recall about their act was that the stage was dressed like a sitting room for their encore, with the two singers sitting in armchairs at the front of the stage. The song which they played was the title song of their second album. I was sufficiently impressed to buy the album a few days after the concert - surely this is the whole point of playing as a supporting act. I was amused to note that additional vocals and saxophone were supplied on that track were Peter Hammill and David Jackson (of VdGG, as if anyone needs reminding). As far as I could figure out, they recorded the album at Rockfield Studios in Monmouth at the same time as VdGG were recording "Still Life".

The music was heavier - containing more loud electric guitars - than I prefer, but the songs and especially the lyrics displayed a large amount of wit which caught my fancy. I decided to add CB to the list of acts whose records I would buy; I bought this one at least a year after it was released but would buy the next one on the day of its release.

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