Tuesday, June 09, 2015

Vinyl log 13 - 9 June

09June1977Randy Newman12 songs

I have absolutely no recollection of buying this album, although I think that I can reconstruct the reasons for its purchase. A very influential book on me at the time was Greil Marcus' "Mystery train"; I bought the book for its chapter on Randy Newman and came away convinced that I had to listen to The Band.

At the time, the earliest record of Randy Newman that I owned was "Live"; Marcus referred many times to songs which were on his first two albums, songs with which I was not familiar. In order to fill the gaps, I bought this record. I don't think that I ever owned Randy's debut record on vinyl although of course I have it on cd.

I don't like this record very much. It was very much a reaction to the debut album, which was orchestration run wild; this one has very simple arrangements. The songs are - for Newman - very simple. There have been several occasions when I have given this record another listen but I have yet to improve my opinion of it. 

"Sail away", the next RN album, was a huge improvement, in every possible way.

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