Tuesday, May 12, 2015

What I saw on this morning's walk

Sometimes, when I'm in detective-novel mode, I fantasize that I will find a dead body on my early morning walk with the dog. This scenario has happened a few times in the DCI Banks novels, but fortunately has yet to happen to me. I once phoned in a suspicious object found on a street in Tel Aviv, but there's been no further involvement with the police. Until this morning ....

Our early morning walk takes us to the car park of the local secondary school (and normally, into the school premises through a gate which is unlocked, but today it was locked). There was a car in the car park; whilst one might say that this is the purpose of a car park, it's unusual to see something there at 5:40 am. This car was different.

Someone had driven this car to the car park then torched it. One side of the car looks fairly normal whereas the other side is toast. I considered phoning it in, but it wasn't urgent and I didn't fancy waiting around until the police arrive. Let the school headmaster call the police.

By 2:30pm, the wreck had disappeared, leaving only carbon on the ground.

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