Monday, May 11, 2015

Madam Secretary

Three months ago, I wrote about the American TV series, "Madam Secretary". I have now seen 16 episodes ( I understand that there are only one or two more), whereas my original blog was written on the basis of the first two episodes. During that time, a great deal has changed about the series. What started as a one minute background thread in the pilot has blossomed into an all-consuming plot in later episodes. Along the way, the superficial diplomatic solutions which so frustrated me initially have all but disappeared, leaving a much more interesting show to be broadcast. 

The episodes are still somewhat superficial and a great deal of suspension of belief is required - would the secretary of state really get her hands as dirty as shown? - but the tension and depth of involvement has definitely increased.

Whilst I have recorded all the episodes (bar three, due to an accident), I have passed them on onto a friend, so I can't watch them again, even if I had the time to do so. Probably they will all be shown again, and no doubt these will work in the same way that reruns of "The West Wing" helped me understand the story and deepen my appreciation.

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