Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Vinyl log 7 - 28 April

28April1972The BunchRock on

I don't have any memory of buying this, but I think that by April 1972, Virgin Records had opened a branch in Bristol. My vague memory places the shop about a mile from my school, but in the wrong direction from my home, so coming home would have been longer. There were two advantages in buying from this shop - it was cheaper and the bags had a certain social value. 

For years I had thought that The Bunch (i.e. various members of Fairport and Fotheringay) were allowed to make the record in order to test the facilities of the first residential studio in Britain, The Manor. In the recently published Sandy Denny biography, writer Mick Houghton draws attention to this fallacy. Apparently, the first record to be made at the Manor was by the Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band ("Let's make up and be friendly").

As for the record itself - being several years younger than the people who made the record, I didn't have the same fondness for songs recorded between 1958-1962. That said, there were some interesting songs: Richard Thompson singing Dion's "My little girl in the summertime", Ashley Hutchings drawling Chuck Berry's "Nadine" and the duet between Sandy Denny and Linda Peters (as she was then), "When will I be loved?".

I don't know whether this record was ever issued as a cd. I have a cd-r copy somewhere which someone made for me, but I haven't listened to it in years (I'm not even too sure where it is).

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