Tuesday, April 21, 2015

More home movies

Emboldened by the success of the 2014 Italian movie, I started work on creating a movie from the 2013 footage, which was shot in Barcelona, London and Edinburgh. There isn't that much footage from Barcelona, which puzzled me until I remembered that at this time I only had the original battery for the camera, which limited the amount that could be filmed each day. I bought a second battery in London.

I was fairly ruthless with the footage, cutting out a great number of repetitive shots; this was most apparent in filming from the London Eye or on the bus trip around the Edinburgh centre. 

The holiday ended with the MBA ceremony; whilst my wife filmed bits of this, I also have the professionally filmed version. I have decided to discard almost all of what my wife filmed and instead use sections from the professional version. But - and there is always a 'but' - the program which I am using to extract portions from the dvd creates a vob file, which is the native format of dvds. Such files, of course, are not suitable for Microsoft Movie Maker, which wants WMV files. I found an internet site which performs the conversion online (albeit slowly), so after extracting the most important minute from the dvd, I sent it to this site, then later was able to import the new file into the movie.

I have also discovered that one can import static pictures into the movie and also define how long each picture is displayed, although I get the feeling that this time setting is for the entire movie and not on a per-picture basis. I would also like to crossfade between pictures, but I haven't been successful in doing so yet, although I have only experimented for a few minutes with this functionality.

I don't have any more time at the moment to play with movies as I am very busy, both at work and at home, and making movies is at a very low priority.

Today is the 37th anniversary of Sandy Denny's death.

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