Tuesday, February 10, 2015

The Beatles, Apple and me

Years ago, my parents made the acquaintance of a British family living in Israel; I think that the connection was that the wife of this family was a niece of one of my aunts (by marriage), but I am probably wrong. This lady has kindly continued visiting my father once or twice a month for years. I have met the husband more than a few times, but frequently he was travelling on business. They were present at my father's 90th birthday celebration.

Several years ago, I realised that the "Stephen" who knows my parents is named Stephen Maltz; he is not just someone called Stephen Maltz but rather THE Stephen Maltz who in the mid-60s told the Beatles that unless something was done about their financial situation, they would soon be bankrupt. Although I have tried to draw him out on this topic, he always kept quiet.

Stephen has now written and published an E-book called "The Beatles, Apple and me", which is available from Amazon. As soon as I saw this, I found the book, downloaded it and commenced reading. A few hours later, I emerged, knowing much more about the Beatles' business set-up than I had done previously. 

Stephen worked with the Beatles during their heyday, from 1964-8 and was one of the directors of Apple, so of course his sources are impeccable. This book makes for fascinating reading for anyone interested in the business side of the Beatles.

That said, I do have some criticisms of the book which hopefully can be addressed, allowing a new edition to be uploaded to Amazon. Rapid turn-around of editions is one of the advantages of e-books and should be utilised as fully as possible. Some of these criticisms are about the e-book itself (layout) and some are about the contents.  I have sent these criticisms to Stephen and hopefully he will implement at least some of my suggestions.

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