Wednesday, February 04, 2015

Copper socks (3)

Four years ago, I wrote about the problems which I was having with my feet and how the solution seemed to be copper socks. As I recall, I bought three or four pairs of socks, but over time they shrunk and I had to throw them out. Since then, I haven't seen them in shops. About two years ago, I was told to throw out all the socks which I own as they were probably infested with fungi. I then started laser treatment on my toenails, which wasn't too successful, and I also bought new socks - 100% cotton.

Surprisingly, it is hard to find such socks in Israel; the best that I could find were 95% cotton and 5% polyester. So I ordered from the internet and was pleased with my purchase. A few months ago, I went to order a new batch of socks and discovered that the supplier (via Amazon) wouldn't ship to Israel. I found a new supplier in China and ordered from there, but when the socks arrived, it turned out that they too were only 95% cotton.

When I bought new walking shoes in December, I saw that there were copper socks for sale. Whilst I was pleased at renewing my acquaintance with this item, I was less pleased at the price - 85 NIS, which today is about $23. I bought one pair and have worn them about five times since (in rotation with the cotton socks which I still have). I have noticed that with continual wear, the cotton socks develop holes - mainly at the toes but sometimes at the heel - and eventually have to be discarded. Although I would like to renew my inventory with copper socks, I baulked at the price.

Eventually, a light went on in my head: order from America - as I did four years ago. The cupron site is offering a pack of six pairs of dress socks for $85, including postage. Thus each pair of socks will cost 51 NIS - a 40% saving over the shop in Bet Shemesh. Definitely worthwhile.

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