Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Seasonal greetings

Translated into English:
a doughnut ...
a minute in the mouth
an hour in the stomach
a year in the bottom

It is the time of year for eating doughnuts. Once, I was only too happy to eat every doughnut which crossed my path during Chanuka, but those days are long ago and now I limit myself to only one during the entire eight days.

My wife bought some doughnuts the other day from the supermarket; she offered me one but I declined, accepting only a small piece. I did not like the dough and decided not to repeat the experience.

At work, I have just been 'delivered' a holiday plate with a few sweets and a doughnut. The smell is enticing even though I imagine that I won't actually enjoy eating the doughnut. 

What is the point of this badly written blog entry? One part of our brain (the mid-brain) is automatically attracted to the sweetness and the fresh baking smells emanating from the doughnut, whereas another part (the cortex) knows that I don't enjoy the taste and that I don't need the empty calories.

Happy holidays, everyone!

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