Sunday, September 21, 2014

Grilled chicken breast

A new dish - at least, for me - made its debut on the menu over the weekend: grilled chicken breast. I'm not sure from where the inspiration for this came as it's not something which Jamie Oliver has shown on his programme. On Thursday, I looked for some recipes and found a suitable marinade. The problem with chicken breast is that it becomes dry even when it's slightly overcooked, which is why my wife doesn't like it very much; the marinade infuses the breast with liquid which prevents the meat from drying when cooked. Of course, one has to cook for only a short time.

I made this for myself for Friday lunch and was so pleased with the results that I repeated it for Saturday lunch, where it was greatly appreciated.

I had expected to buy chicken breasts then flatten them myself, but I was able to buy pre-sliced chicken 'shnitzel' which was exactly what I wanted.

½ cup olive oil
¼ cup balsamic vinegar
one chicken oxo cube

This makes a large volume of marinade but it can be used several times. I placed the pieces of chicken in the marinade for about two hours - one hour is the minimum. When it was time to cook, I grilled the pieces under the oven grill for ten minutes on one side and five on the other. Perfect.

Ideas which I want to try in the future:
  1. Cooking with the griddle pan instead of the oven grill - this will create char lines
  2. Brushing a little honey onto the meat before cooking - for the Maillard reaction (browning)
The marinade recipe came from this site; reading the recipe again, I see that I forgot to cut slits in the meat. I also forgot to serve with lemon slices. Better luck next time.

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