Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Rice and beans

This is a recipe which I saw displayed on Jamie Oliver's tv show a few weeks ago.

1 can of mixed beans
2 cups of cooked rice
a pinch of cumin
fresh lemon juice

Empty the can of beans into a colander, then wash to remove excess sauce. Place them in a frying pan which has been pre-heated with a little olive oil. Fry the beans for about five minutes. Add a pinch of cumin at some stage. When the beans are dry and hot (in Jamie's programme, the skin of the beans cracks open), add the rice and a dash of lemon juice. Stop heating then mix well before serving.

I tried this out a few days ago and my experience was slightly different. Firstly, I couldn't find a can of mixed beans so I bough one can each of three different types of bean (black, white and brown (kidney)), mixed them together then used part of the resulting mixture (the rest is now stored in the fridge). I also didn't have any cooked rice handy, so first I had to cook some rice before I could start with the beans. Other than that - the dish is very easy to make and tastes very nice. I probably added too much lemon juice but that wasn't a fatal flaw.

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