Tuesday, July 01, 2014


About a year ago, I wrote a song called 'Crossroads', the first verse of which is

Paused at the crossroads
Which way should I choose?
One way’s a winner
The other way I lose

Paused at the crossroads
Turn left or turn right?
One way is sunshine
The other way is night

I have just discovered that there is a bluegrass song by Bill Monroe called 'The old crossroads', whose lyrics begin

The old crossroads now is waiting
Which one are you going to take
One leads down to destruction
The other to the pearly gate

The similarity is intriguing. I wonder now if I had considered writing 
Paused at the crossroads
Which path should I take?
Maybe I did think of this line but then had problems thinking of a suitable rhyme with "take". "Pearly gate[s]" is not a phrase which I ever use so this wouldn't have been in my mind.

Of course, harmonically, my song has absolutely nothing in common with bluegrass.

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