Monday, February 17, 2014

DBA: On to the next stage

Once again, it seems that there were communication problems with EBS.   Apparently I was sent a letter a month ago which explained how one progresses.

Amongst the material which I received today is a letter containing the following:
You will be put in contact with the Senior Mentor once you have submitted the following documents -
  1. A signed copy of the enclosed declaration stating you have received and agree to adhere to the contents of the University Research Student code of practice and the University Plagiarism Guide and that you are in a position to fund the remainder of your studies
  2. An up-to-date one page CV detailing your employment and academic achievements
  3. A credible outline of a research question, backed up with Scholar and EthOS searches, using the material accompanying this letter.
As a bonus, I am also entitled to receive a Postgraduate Certificate in Business Research Methods - another certificate to hang on the wall. Only forty five pounds (most of their certificates cost 100 pounds, so this is cheap).

So my next task is to print out most of the material (ten pdf files), then condense the twelve pages that I have already written down to two. As it happens, the introduction just over two pages long, so I won't have to do much editing.

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