Thursday, December 19, 2013

Some anomalies in "Lord Valentine's Castle"

I was in need of some cheering up over the past week, so I decided to read LVC once again. I especially like the first part when the troupe are wandering around Zimroel. The adventures on the Isle are interesting but not so good, and the final part seems somewhat perfunctory (although of course, the ending is totally unexpected, and I suppose the passage toward the mount couldn't be expanded too much).

This time around, I was very much struck by the character Farsaal. Presumably he is an agent of the false Coronal, but the entire episode doesn't ring true. How did he know when Valentine 'makes his break' and goes in search of the Lady instead of where he was supposed to go? How did Farsaal manage to follow Valentine? Also, how come he was never detected by any of the acolytes; at one stage, Valentine asks whether any metamorphs turn pilgrim and is informed that "we would know". How could the acolytes not know what Farsaal's true intentions were?

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