Saturday, September 28, 2013

More afterwords (My gap year, part 8)

Today I transferred the cassette recording which I made of all the songs that I wrote in my gap year along with those of the final party to the computer, and in doing so, I discovered that I had inadvertently left out one of our number.

So, in addition to those mentioned here, I must remember Mike B. He hadn't been a member of Habonim before that year but that wasn't a stumbling block. His party piece was an impression of Gary Glitter (as a singer, not as a sad old paedophile in Thailand); he would sing, accompanied by Andrew and myself. I can even see a resemblance when looking at GG's pictures in his prime.

After we returned, Mike hang around on the fringes, living in Ilford. Eventually he married the younger sister of one of my emigration group and went to live on Kibbutz Bet Ha'emek, accompanied by his wife, brother and mother. As far as I know, they're still there (although the mother died some years ago). So that means that he was a successful graduate of our year of preparation.

Mike got an oblique mention here (the first paragraph).

The recordings of Erica and myself are hilarious. We recorded a few songs off-stage in which it's difficult to tell who's playing what, along with three songs on-stage. We rip through the live songs at about 150% of the correct speed and Erica's voice sounds like she'd been inhaling helium. It's a shame that we never recorded more under better conditions.

Idly googling Erica with her surname and place of birth, I have just discovered that she too emigrated to Israel and as of 2009 was living in Ra'anana.

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