Monday, August 12, 2013


Once upon a time, Jews in Israel (and everywhere else) had strong, Biblical names. Boys were named Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph, Adam, David or Jonathan, whereas girls where named Sarah, Leah, Rachel, Miriam, Rebecca or Hannah. Why, even my grandparents were called David, Rebecca, Joseph and Sarah; my mother was called Hannah. But such days are long past, and nowadays children get all kinds of names; the best names are qualities (No'am = pleasantness) or abstract nouns (Shai = gift, Raz = secret, Vered = rose), whereas some are compound words (Or-Li = light to me) and others are just sounds (Kai).

Whereas at one time a name indicated its owner's gender, these days names tend to be unisex. I know both males and females called No'am, males and females called Shai, and males and females called Raz. In this spirit of unisex names, I present the following puzzle.

Gal, Yuval and Amit* are all in the same family (no incestual relationships). One of the three is the father of Gal; one is the only daughter of Yuval, and one is the sibling of Amit. Amit's sibling is neither the father of Gal nor the daughter of Yuval.

Who is the odd one out in terms of gender?

*These three names are indeed unisex and unfortunately are used by both genders.

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