Thursday, May 09, 2013

More sleep analysis

I wrote yesterday at the moment, I've only written a query to display the average number of apnea/hour on a weekly basis - after the first week, the average is about 7 per hour (very good). I think I'll write another query which will show the average number of apnea/hour per weekday - I wonder if there is a difference between workdays and Friday.

It took me only a few minutes to add a query showing the average number of apnea per weekday; the results were surprising. It turns out that there are 50% more apnea on Friday

nights than on the rest of week. I am not totally surprised as we eat a meat meal on Friday evening and I probably go to bed at least an hour later on Fridays than on other days. I imagine that it's just by chance that Monday's have a low frequency of apnea.

To be honest, there haven't been that many data values to support any conclusion. That will have to wait for at least another month.

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