Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Pictures from a balcony (6)

More pictures which were previously thought to be lost. My daughter bought a pedigree Boston Terrier puppy about two weeks ago; she brings him over on Friday nights when she comes to visit. Until now, our dog and the puppy have not got on too well: Mocha (our dog) feels that the puppy is invading her territory and also taking our affection, so she frequently growls at the little dog. It doesn't help that the puppy - being a puppy - is full of energy and is constantly running around, examining his foreign environment. As we say, he's like the Duracell bunny - and I wish that my daughter would remove his battery before he visits.

During the Passover holiday, my daughter went away for a few days so she brought her puppy to us so that we could look after him. Both dogs spent most of the time on the balcony where they seemed to have formed some kind of truce. I would take both of them for walks, and it was interested to see how the puppy would follow the adult dog, trying to imitate and learn what the elder dog was doing. These walks didn't faze Mocha very much but the puppy got tired (which was partially the point of the walks).

Those few days were also very hot: we were (and still are, occasionally) experiencing 'sharav' (aka khamsin) weather, which is when a very hot and dry wind blows. These days can be extremely uncomfortable and I tend to be inside (with the air conditioner activated) when a sharav blows. Whilst Mocha seems to spend most of her time laying flat out on the balcony, this was a new experience for the puppy.

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